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These days, Sara Schwartz is immersing herself in creating three dimensional clay objects (works). She remembers the feeling of being "back to child" in her clay-relief art works. In the past, she worked in oil paint, acrylic paint, water color, pencils and all kinds of mediums and mainly, she illustrated a number of serious subjects.

Recently, she has expanded her style by emphasizing a happy and primitive theme in these 3 dimensional sculpted works. (These are a series of pins called "employed-people"- which were exhibited, along with Sara"s other "clay objects" at THE ILLUSTRATION GALLERY, N.Y.C. The fashion designer Anna Sui sold several of Sara's clay-glazed handheld "vanity mirrors" at the ANNA SUI STORE on 113 Greene St., N.Y.C., where she still sells Sara's t-shirts specifically produced for Anna Sui in the U.S. & abroad.